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It's On the Card

It’s On the Card

To celebrate the occasion of Phil Hulett’s birthday, another edition of Phil Hulett and Friends is in the books. Featured today include: Tom Scarda who shows you how to switch careers and tap into uncertainty. Family Transformation Coach, Kindi Gill explains why affirmations fail. The Sports Princess, Kate Delaney reassured Angelenos that the Rams are indeed coming to Los Angeles next season. But where will they play and what will it take for the Raiders and Chargers to join the party? Manny the Movie Guy reviews the Oscar nods and offers a new item for sale on eBay. Brooke Peterson and Chris Martin join Phil in studio with a variety of compelling stories, including: what you need to know about Dog Flu, is Man Flu a thing?, NetFlix can hear you…literally, PowerBall weirdness, more required nutritional info for product labels and Phil doesn’t like it, Chipotle gets a deep cleaning, the Tinder reality TV show, R.I.P. Alan Rickman, and finally, where….how….uh…where….25% of single people had sex…AT THE GYM…LAST YEAR!


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