Pit Bull, Hockey and In-Laws

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Pit Bull Frenzy

Pit Bull

Pit Bull
Photo by joestoltz

Which side of the pit bull debate are you on? We interview a California father who was kicked out of a restaurant with his 5-year old autistic daughter and her trusty helper pit bull by her side.

On this episode Dr. Deanna Brann tackles passive-aggressive in-laws. Hockey blogger Saucy_C previews the NHL season. Former Child Star Phil McKeon from the TV Sitcom “Alice” pays a surprise visit.

Dr. Michael Kurtz tackles a dangerous strain of bird flu, and he recalls how he accidentally appeared in 6 episodes of “1000 Ways to Die.”

Phil partakes in some TGI Fridays bashing.

Hosts: Phil Hulett, Jennifer Bjorklund, Mike Templeton filling in for Jay Campadonia, and Karlo Sy Su.


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