Pluto, PreNups, and Heroin

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pluto photos

NASA Geeks Get Tingly over Photos of Pluto

What’s all the excitement over Pluto about? Gonzo Greg co-hosts this episode asks the same question in his anti-plutonian rant. We learn why prenuptial agreements could work for just about everybody, and how a home renovation project might cause you to exercise that prenup. A former addict reveals how heroin is becoming the drug of choice for middle class kids and women, and where you can get help. Our travel dude is lost in the wonder of the Coast Starlight train on the way to Eugene, Oregon. Kelly Bennett from Breakfast with Gary and Kelly guest co-hosts. She has a real problem with Larry King’s bathroom habits. She also describes what you are drinking in a glass of tap water that might cause you to be infertile. More stories: The Ice Age is coming, Flash is just about dead, drunk girls ruin everything, what’s really under a kilt? Dr. Head Transplant has his first donor, Google Photo can only be stopped with antibiotics, will Caitlyn Jenner show cleavage at the ESPYS? Chafing relief for the thigh-gap-challenged, something new to ask Siri, sex news, and why you should never steal a sword at the Renaissance Fair.


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