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Preview time! But, before I get into the preview of episode 329, I want to update you on my recovery from hernia surgery. I know, it’s not

preview 329 tuxedo photo

I CAN fit this! I CAN fit this!

like I had an organ removed or anything, but still, I’ve got to be ready for the end of September when my first-born gets married. Yup, two weddings in one year. Olivia in March and Alexandra in September. By ready, which, how can you not be ready, I meant, I need to be ready to do the splits when the DJ plays “Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown. So, as for my recovery…I’ve been going to the gym and yesterday was the first day I did ab work since I realized I had a hernia in March (and proceeded to do the splits at Olivia’s wedding anyway). Upshot, I feel pretty good, and will continue to pour on the sweat so I can look good in a tuxedo for Alexandra.

Enough about me, how about a preview of Episode 329?

We have a packed show, as usual. Co-Hosts are Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sue Peters. That’s a nice pairing because they are good friends….so the friends are actually friends today. As for guests, I’m working on getting an ophthalmologist on the show to talk about what happens to your eyes when you look directly at the solar eclipse. Incidentally, I have the ultimate Solar Eclipse playlist for you. While it’s still relevant, be sure to check out Episode 328, Part 2 in which we discuss the solar eclipse at length with an astronomy expert.

Plus Manny the Movie Guy reviews the Hitman’s Bodyguard and Logan Lucky. Scientific Analyst, Foresight Inquisitor, and Author of the fictional, scientific thriller, “Christopher Allen Jones will discuss how life on the job is changing as we deal with the ever-increasing potential of “Competing with Robots.” And, author of the book, , Sexologist (good gig, huh?) Dr. Kristie Overstreet joins us to talk about heating up your summer sex life.


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That’s it for your Episode 329 preview.  I need to hop in the car and drive, by myself in the diamond lane, to the beautiful L.A. Radio Studio  where our Executive Producer, Mike Stark is standing by with show run downs in hand. He is also standing by to take your reservation when you need to book a professional audio studio for any reason…as long as your check clears the bank.


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