Protecting Your Child’s Identity and Go Knights Go

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Identity Theft

Identity Theft
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Protecting Kids from Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to be a big problem and now folks are starting to realize the bad guys may be targeting our children. Due to the fact we know nothing on this topic, enter Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, tech analyst Expert in Personal Finance and Wealth Building Techniques, author of the books, “Yes You Can!” and “,” host of the Unlock Your Wealth radio show, Heather Wagenhals. [20:53] She explains the risk and what everyone should do to not only protect their family from identity theft, but what to do after their info has been breached and how to find out now if your child has been victimized.

Vegas Golden Knights vs Washington Capitals

Hockey fans! The Stanley Cup Final starts May 28 between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals. Both teams are in the final for the first time and one of them, the Golden Knights are a first-year expansion team. Lots of interest in this playoff series. For expert insight, we turn to award winning sports journalist, Golden Knights Beat Writer, Steve Carp. [45:08] The Las Vegas Review-Journal stalwart analyses the match-up with a historical perspective even a part-time hockey fan can appreciate. Further to this, at the beginning of the season a bet on Vegas to win the Stanley Cup brought 500-to-1 odds. There’s a guy who stands to win $2 Million.

More Stuff

Speaking of Las Vegas, Gonzo Greg Spillane visits from his hovel in the desert to join fellow co-host Stew Herrera and Phil Hulett on today’s show. Get a load of these items: Did somebody mention betting and good luck? How about a guy who won the lottery…4 TIMES?! Yeah, we hate him, too. What in the heck is GDPR and why should you care? We’ve confirmed Alexa is indeed a spy. Rotondo is now a verb. Hooray for 1980’s metal and rock stars urinating on stuff. A cat riding on a mini-van at 60 mph is a viral sensation. And finally, who knew having sex in a church was against the law? Apparently this couple did not.


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