Quackery and Hidden Wonders

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Dr. Lydia Kang is the co-author of “: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything.” You will be amazed to hear just some of the “remedies” we now know are either worthless or dangerous. Plus, the medical reason (read: excuse) for the invention of the vibrator!

Hidden Wonders

Next, another co-author and another book. This one is called “: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders.” Dylan Thuras gives us a glimpse into this book filled with stuff you’ve never heard of, including tree lobsters!

Plus, Phil and the friends, Sylar Cuarisma and Mike Walters bring you these stories: The 11 people KFC follows on Twitter. The Piano Man increases his progeny giving hope to old guys everywhere. Radio host asks for a pay cut. Elderly husband takes a walk to look for a suitable kidney for his wife. Crocodile Hunter’s family amps up the TV show tradition he established. Order a home via Amazon. Order a burrito delivered by Google drone. Facial recognition works on your pets. Most sick days you aren’t truly sick. Guy get settlement for jail time after police mistook Kryspy Kreme donut glaze for crystal meth. Exercise can kill white guys but not black guys, say suddenly racist scientists. And finally, beware of aggressive turkeys.

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