Rats, Monkey Brains and Flesh-Eating Deer

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the return of the plague


Today’s episode will test your adventurer’s spirit. An author who’s traveled to every country in the world describes the places he’s seen, the women he’s loved and the food he’s eaten…not to mention his brushes with death. If you’re squeamish about conversations about eating rats and live monkey brains, then remember to fast-forward. But you might want to get busy eating rats before they kill us with the plague. Yup, it’s back. And, Bambi might come to our homes and eat our children someday. Wait until you hear about the herd of deer with a taste for blood. You might think twice about going to any of the new movies this weekend after our movie reviewer gives his opinion on them. You might also think twice about buying car insurance through Google. That’s right, Google! Plus we have these stories: Ammo Vending Machines, creepy talking pillow with lady-parts, Jodi Arias sentence, Mugshot McDreamy is ready to pursue modelling, are red heads genetically superior? The laser eye treatment to change your eye color, is it daylight saving or savings time? The K-Cup inventor is sorry, boxing returns, the world tallest hamburger, graffiti grammar Nazis, the worst reality TV shows, and why we smell our hands after a handshake.


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