Real Estate Collapse – Sell Your House Now

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Real Estate Collapse

Investment Adviser and Global Economics Blogger, Mish Shedlock predicts a real estate collapse is right around the corner [21:29]. He makes a compelling case for you to sell your property now, that is, if you can find a buyer. Listen to Mish describe a series of warning signs that should have you, and your mortgage servicer, very worried.

Movie Reviews

Next up, [42:33] Manny the Movie Guy soaks up the glory of his predictably god performance in picking the Oscar winners. He then reviews the weekend movies, including “A Wrinkle in Time.” But does he have enough kisses to go around?


Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sue Peters join Phil Hulett in the studio. Intern Ricky proves even interns can have interns. What? The following stories are peppered throughout the program: Has Daylight Saving Time outlived it’s usefulness? And what does DST do to your body? Does chronic sleep deprivation make you clinically insane?

More Stuff

Kellie Sue chooses between sociopaths and psychotics for mates. She then lists the 7 medical benefits to more sex! NASA is ready to put the nuke-u-ler H.A.M.M.E.R. down on an incoming asteroid. Heather Lock-u-ler was once romantically linked to Tommy Lee. Now Lee is a hot mess, publicly feuding with the son he had with Pamela Anderson. College-age women say they plan to drink to excess during spring break… (#MeToo). And finally, what happens when creepy guys start wearing Snap Chat Spectacles?
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  1. This stuff about DST being implemented because of energy is incorrect. We had DST all during the 1960s when I was a kid living in the east. I always like DST because I could go outside after dinner. Adults could mow their lawns, fix their cars, etc. It was, and still is, popular. Now that I live in the Phoenix area, I don’t want DST because it is too hot and we have enough sunshine. If I moved back east, I’d be all for it.

    Moreover, DST is not forced on people. You can adjust your time to whatever you want. So quit harping on it.

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