Sharks, Needles and Drills

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shark swimming beneath surfer

Shark swimming beneath surfer

Many of the things you are frightened of are wrapped up into this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Learn what to do if you encounter a shark from “The Queen of Surfing,” Veronica Grey. Find out if acupuncture works and just how far those needles have to be pushed in order to make a difference from Licensed practitioner, Drew Nystrom. Then Dr. Howard Marshall makes a real good case for you to floss when he lists the serious diseases that can come from having inflamed gums. Plus our travel guy, Gary Warner talks about the best beaches in Hawaii for families, romance, body surfing or body watching. Skylar Cuarisma is today’s friend. She brings stories of Hugh Jackman’s leash, USA Women’s championship soccer team, Starbucks prices, how NOT to light fireworks, the panty snatcher, Lilo loves fast food, Confederate Flag update and Peter O’Toole’s tool. Phil Hulett chimed in with the top 11 nicknames men give their “junk,” Oreo Thins – what’s the point? Self-checkout frustration, famous last words, celebrity hidden talents, the number one source for anti-oxidants – hint: it’s not blueberries, why aren’t people of color visiting America’s national parks? And finally, Phil has surfing in his heart.


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