Signs of the Apocalypse

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Clearly it is the end times!

Clearly it is the end times!

Here are a few: the tetrad of blood moons, The Pope is addressing Congress, prisoners are on Yelp complaining about steak and beer, and the Muppets have a new TV show. Plus an attorney talks about what has to be done at stadiums to keep fans from dying. And a doctor talks about the ridiculously high number of people who die each year in hospitals due to medical mistakes. Add to that, our travel guy started talking about a parade where people carry giant wooden penis sculptures. Do you need any more proof the end is near?  More: The Jagr kiss, Pope dope, Trump tweets, Pan Pan, Donkey Kong, Pam Anderson is a marijuana mama, Prison Yelp reviews, One Direction and Coldplay might play the Superbowl, don’t go fishing in Indiana, the maximum allowable bites when eating a hot dog, and Faith Hill is, oh…never mind. It’s Armageddon I tell ya!


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