Simplify Your Life – 333 Ways to Do More With Less

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Tips on how to Simplify Your Life, Finances and Relationships

Today we learn how to pare down all the junk you’ve accumulated over time and simplify your life with minimalist author and blogger, Courtney Carver. Carver wrote the book, . Is this a hike through a meadow with a back-packed, man-bunned millennial? Fast forward to 33:39 to find out.

Bombogenesis Travel

Earlier in this episode, Phil Hulett and Gonzo Greg Spillane speak with Travel Dude, Gary Warner about travel during the bombogenesis storm. Don’t miss his tips on how to avoid a cancellation and what to do if your flight is cancelled.

More Stuff!

Then we have these stories: Gonzo’s least favorite new TV game show “Child Support.” Play along with the 15 things that instantly cause inner rage. The Game of Thrones final season is pushed. You know, there’s a chance China’s space station won’t vaporize on re-entry when it falls from space in March. That thing is probably made of lead anyway. Uh, China came under fire for making a lot of stuff with lead in it. Get it? No? How about this? We track the Tesla in Space! And the new plans to land on an asteroid and bring back clay for children to play with. What could go wrong?

But Wait…

Beware of sex robots because hackers can re-program them to kill you. But, they might eat your brain first. Speaking of brains, Alex Trebek ‘s was in jeopardy until surgeons performed an emergency procedure that saved his life and his condescending, superior personality. While we’re talking Jeopardy, are white guys allowed to say “Gangsta?” Health Warning: lay off the lettuce for a while. We’ll tell you which kind. Here’s something for you, a man who ate a lifetime of tacos in a year. And finally the (goth) kid who answered the riddle wrong, but the Internet says his answer is oh so right.

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