Siri and Alexa Take You to HR

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Siri and Alexa said what?

Are Siri and Alexa taking into consideration the current climate in the workplace? Apple and Amazon might want to have a word with their AI companions before somebody calls human resources!

In light of the massive wildfires in Southern California this week, we also have Travel Dude Gary Warner talking about how airlines and Amtrak respond in times of natural disaster.

And Becky Baines from Sirius XM’s Weird But True Radio Show talks about the latest Nat Geo Kids book, “.”

Dave Beasing from 100.3 The Sound Co-Hosts

Joining Phil Hulett as co-hosts are Gonzo Greg Spillane and Dave Beasing, the Program Director is the former 100.3 The Sound in Los Angeles. Add these stories: Star Wars-Themed Sex Toys. The ninja who stole the sex doll. OK, that’s it for sex. Next up, the Cheapest places to live in America (would you live there?) Facebook gets even creepier. The top musical acts of 2017. The top 10 surprising actors. Even more surprising is who is NOT on the list. Are you ready for Pizza Hut to deliver beer? And finally, what can go wrong when a woman brings her service dog to a Broadway performance of “Cats?”
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