Skip the Sales Guy, Oscar Picks and Detroit

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[saf] Hang up the plaid sport coat, bud. We’re listening to Phil Hulett and Friends and learning how to buy a car without your greasy sales techniques. Get out your office pool, Manny the Movie Guy picks the winners in 24 Oscar categories. And tech dude, Jeremy Anticouni talks Apple and electric cars while waiting to board a flight to a place he’d rather not go…Detroit in minus 11 degree weather. Good luck pal. Did we mention Phil and Chris held down the fort for this episode? Let us know how you think they did without assistance from the lovely Erin Myers. Chris revealed NASA’s plans to drop a submarine into an interplanetary sea of methane, Dr. Seuss has a new book out and he died 24 years ago. Are naps bad for 2 year-olds? We have the top ten things people on Twitter are giving up for Lent. Nature’s cruel hoax against penguins. And finally, what happens when bacon and pizza collide?



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