Spanking iOS8 and Beer

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[saf] Today we talk about spanking, but we also talk about beer, the craft kind and a whole week’s worth of celebrating beer in Los Angeles, Plus our movie reviewer kind of likes this weekend’s offerings. Which movie fared well? You’ll have to listen. Did we mention spanking? Former Miss U.S.A., Terri Britt thinks it’s time to stop the cycle of violence, but you need to hear when Jay Campadonia takes her to task. Tech guy Jeremy Anticouni espouses privacy and freedom of speech and explains how Apple is doing the same. He also warns of drones on the horizon carrying super fast Wi-Fi. Phil Hulett reviews the most profane sports fans by team. Chris Martin knows what love is, even in death. And Erin Myers makes us wonder what’s so bad about a 13 year old girl’s t-shirt that got her in trouble at school. And finally, men, if your bride plans to spend $1,200 on this wedding dress, you’d better “Let it Go.”


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