Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Are Here!

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs began this week. Anaheim Ducks post game radio host, Josh Brewster visits to review all of the match ups. Even though Josh works the Anaheim beat, he gives a balanced look at every team’s chances. He offers a special note about the Pittsburgh Penguins, and when asked by Phil Hulett to compare the suspension handed iron man Ducks player, Andrew Cogliano and what should be handed down for this week’s hit on Boston’s Tommy Wingels by Toronto’s Nazem Kadri, Brewster is particularly blunt.

Bad Numbers

Later in the hour, Travel Dude, Gary Warner uses Friday the 13th to warn travelers about the importance of numbers in various countries, and how some numbers could land you in hot water with the locals.

More Stuff!

Kelly J and “PHAF OG” Jay Campadonia join Phil Hulett as co-hosts. Sit back and enjoy these stories: Either Planet X or the Rapture is gonna get us this month. That’s according to…this guy we kinda know.  Do you believe Mark Zuckerberg when he says Facebook does not use your phone’s microphone to listen to you and show you ads about stuff you talk about? Yeah, neither do we. How to avoid selfie big nose syndrome. The 600 year old clock that beats the pants off of today’s clocks. When is a tiger actually a raccoon? Do gym rats have smarter babies? Who are those people who sit on the universal machine at the gym and never get up? And what happened when Jay tried to ride a wild deer?

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