Super Bowl of Chips

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We love eating the chips and the dip this weekend when we watch the big game. What are you serving at your Super Bowl party and who’s going to win the game? Chris Martin has the latest odds from humans and robots, plus a bunch of prop bets that have people buzzing and dropping their dollars. Gonzo Greg Spillane visits to co-host with the a myriad of football facts and other useful information, like how much money you could make selling your poop to science. Manny the Movie Guy offers his top 10 football movies. Dr. Frieda Birnbaum answers the question, why do 1 in 10 men cheat on their pregnant wives? Tech dude Jeremy Anticouni helps you pick the rick Wi-Fi extender. Carlos Santana wants to have a word with your kids…about SEX! And finally, Phil Hulett tells us about a super thing the Make A Wish foundation did for a 14-year-old Seahawks fan.



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