Surviving a Hit to the Power Grid

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Puerto Rico gives us mainlanders a glimpse into what can happen if an earthquake, hurricane, cyber or nuclear attack took out our power grid. Former Lead Independent Networks Researcher with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and author of the book, “How to Thrive in an Uncertain World,” Dr. Robin Burk talks about the cascading effect on your daily life and just how bad it can be. She also offers advice on how to do little things to prepare for the worst. Plus, Manny the Movie Guy reviews Thor: Ragnarok. And these stories: We hate changing our clocks twice a year. Worst treats given on Halloween. Dentists want you to eat a lot of candy. National Sandwich day…what’s your favorite? Controversy over the hamburger emoji. Arby’s Deer and Elk sandwiches are on the menu. Second thoughts about breast tattoos. Vaginal Fluid Perfume. And finally, Pope Francis on sleeping during church service.


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