Tattoo Redemption

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Tattoo Art

Tattoo Art

What a show today! Tattoo artist Skinderella visited the LA Radio Studio to talk about her children’s book, “Mommy, Where Do Tattoos Come From?” as well as the violent, months long abduction she is still dealing with on emotional and psychological levels. Listen to this episode to find out how art and tattoos provide therapy…not to mention stories about weird things people want tattooed on weird parts of their bodies. Plus, NASA expert Rod Pyle discusses the so-called, “Space Music” the Apollo 10 astronauts heard while travelling past the dark side of the moon. Manny the Movie Guy reviews 10 Cloverfield Lane and the other weekend releases. Listen carefully for Manny’s favorite moment in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie. We have stories, too: The movement to stop Daylight Saving Time, what scientists have only just now started to do to alleviate the drought in California even though they’ve had the technology forever, the food recall that if you chose to ignore you will bleed out at the dinner table and die, Canada’s Prime Minister Hottie,Johnny Football is doomed, a woman who was mauled by a bear rants about The Revenant, and finally Cuban men are implanting what in their junk?


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