The Best Easter Wine Pairings

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Wine Pairings for Easter

Wine Pairings

Wine Pairings

One of the few female wine-makers in America, Susie Selby, offers her vast knowledge of wine pairings for the Easter season. What’ll you drink with ham? What about lamb or fish? Selby also discusses the sacramental history of wine as it applies to Easter and Christianity.


Hockey podcaster, Mike Walters joins Phil Hulett to co-host. Together they launch into the following stories: A new pill treats peanut allergies in children. Adidas made of ocean plastic. It seems McDonald’s can please anybody these days. It’s use it or lose it time for your gift card at this retailer. Are weapons in bed a good idea when your significant other is jealous? Which countries make the top ten happiest list? It’s Peep Season! Look out for the foot fetish guy! Here’s a great new use for a crock pot. Is SnapChat doomed? A 100-year-old woman’s secret to longevity. And finally, is a minor league baseball rule change about to turn the sport of baseball on its ear?


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