The Great Hot Dog Debate

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Hot Dog Debate

Eric Mittenthal from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council plants his wiener in the sand [10:17] by settling an age old argument once and for all: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Plus he reviews many of the 20 polarizing questions about hot dogs and sausage posed by the Council this morning. Mittenthal also tells you how to win some cool hot dog-themed prizes.

Travel to AZ

Next up is travel dude, Gary Warner [30:10]. He actually found several things to do in Phoenix and Scottsdale. He uncovered what sounds like one of the best barbecue restaurants in the west, perhaps the nation. Additionally, two words compelling came up in conversation, “Haboob,” and “Ohtani.”

Crazy Stuff

Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sue Peters join Phil Hulett to co-host this episode with several stories: Bye Bye Beetle, hello Microbus. Maybe a new Karmann Ghia is on the way? Lots of toys in the news: Hurry up, time is running out to be a Toys R Us kid! In another toy-related story, even the mighty Lego is no match for today’s kids attention spans and lack of imagination. Furthermore, for grown up kids, the TSA loves your sex toys. In addition, now there’s a personal lubricant made out of weed. As a result, at least one partner gets high. Learn about the benefits of a low expectations marriage. Do you use an “ass gasket” in pubic restrooms? Who are these people who leave toilet “art work?” Finally, the new shower curtain with pockets for your smart phone or tablet providing easy video views while lathering up.

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