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Is Legalized Polygamy Coming?

Today we speak with a polygamy advocate who says the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage opens the door to legalized polygamy. What do you think? Plus Manny the Movie Guy on Minions and Amy Winehouse, Jeremy Anticouni on Apple Watches getting way too hot, and Dr. Shaelyn Pham on selfish parents raising better children. Brooke Peterson joins Phil in the studio and reveals what Girl Scouts will not do for $100,000, issues a Bill Cosby update, details of the homicidal mama bunny rabbit, why women live longer than men…or do they? And perhaps the biggest development of the day, Taco Bell delivery. Phil Hulett goes out of character and delivers an Ariana Grande diatribe, but reels himself back in to point out what Crayola Crayons and Jello have in common…beef. Plus the top vacation fantasies including skinny dipping, would you rather get a $20,000 raise or four extra weeks of vacation, heavy metal kids grow up to be well-adjusted adults, and Donald Trump is pretty sure he’ll get the Latino vote.


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