Episode 266 – The Scientific Truth About Size

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On this April Fools Day, we get a definitive answer on penis size from a PhD in Sexology. We didn’t know they offered that, but Dr. Claudia Six offered her expertise on that topic and how not to get fooled on a date. Ultra-Economical Travel Expert, Russell Hannon answers the question, “Is it safe to travel abroad?” Guest movie reviewer Russell Hainline of the Long and Late Movie Show podcast said there’s a pretty good chance he won’t be seeing the two big release movies this weekend, but two smaller films are among the best he’s ever seen. The woman behind the blog Parent Hacks shares some of the wisdom young parents have offered over the years, now compiled in a book. Plus Chris Martin tells his tale of extreme exposure to poison oak! Phil sings “No Canada….”, the Lakers locker room is not a happy place right now. You wont believe the obesity rate world wide…and we show you how to calculate where your weight stands. There are cheaters everywhere, and apparently a lot of Americans think a lot of stuff is not cheating, technically. “Revenge Farts.” “Nipple Cream.” Ariana Grande almost died on stage. You don’t know how to change a tire. The Anaheim Ducks in-arena host is pranked big time by Phil’s boss. And finally, the yoga guy who wants to kill people.


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