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Palcohol has been approved by the Feds

After all the outrage over powdered alcohol, Palcohol has been approved by the Feds and will hit stores soon for kids to put in their juice boxes. At least that’s the fear among parents, educators and doctors. Plus today we reveal the timing for Lisa May to “tell all” about her departure from Los Angeles radio station KROQ. And a guy who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks explains how you can do that too. Our tech guy gives us a virtual tour of Mt. Everest and he says he’s not into the Apple Watch but he loves the new Mac Book. Manny the Movie Guy talks about Cinderella’s particular set of skills for he battle with Liam Neeson for box office primacy. Ms. California United States Sande Charles popped in from Arizona to describe Will Ferrell’s quest to play ever baseball position at training camp. Erin Myers is afraid of the new “Hello Barbie” and you should be too. Something else to be afraid of – the Poopetrator. Chris Martin asks the question, who would win in a fight, Laila Ali or Rhonda Rousey? Finally Phil Hulett wants to know if it’s sexist to hold doors open for women or to pay for dates?


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