Toys, Robots and Automobiles

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Today we talk about America’s love affair with automobiles…is it over? Brian LaForest thinks not. Hear what he has to say, plus Page Olson says your child will do a lot better with PVC pipe than if you got him or her the trendy toy for the holidays. She makes a pretty good argument. Our tech guy, Jeremy Anticouni explains how technology is creating another line at Starbucks. Lay your bets…Manny the Movie Guy predicts today, December 4, 2014, that Julianne Moore will win the Best Actress Oscar for her roll in “Still Alice.” The friends contribute stories from Mariah Carey’s botched Christmas song (you have to hear it), the personhood rights for chimps case is closed, Santa gets hauled off in the paddy wagon and children cry, the strangest things kids have asked mall Santas for, the CDC says the flu vaccine is useless but you should get it anyway, and Alisa Milano breastfeeding.


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