Trains, Donations and Picking up Women

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[saf] Men get lessons on being men from a woman on today’s show. Plus we learn about the best vacation train rides, how to make sure your disaster donation dollar gets to the right place and a major fashion retailer is being called Anti-Semitic for one of it’s blouse designs. Vodka saves a cat, McDonalds is expensive, a guy plinks the National Anthem, there’s a Count Chocula shortage, don’t wear costume contact lenses, President Obama charms a lady…after shaming her boyfriend, go to zombie survival camp or build a zombie-proof cabin, guy wakes up from surgery wearing women’s pink undies, Jay’s creepy clown update, woman goes to Craig’s List offering to pay “cool black kids” to hang out with her son, Breaking Bad makes mom mad at Toys ‘R Us, Scientific facts about boobs, and the mystery stranger who saved grandpa from a burning house.


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