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Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning


Wes Johnson┬áis the public address announcer for the Washington Capitals. He visits to talk about the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Johnson’s team is currently steeped in battle with the Tampa Bay Lightning for the Eastern Conference title. Listen to his assessment of the team’s play, who the real Alex Ovechkin is, and what a game face “sounds” like. In addition to his busy hockey life, Johnson has a top secret video game project in the works. We love his voice!


Next on the program, Manny the Movie Guy reviews Deadpool 2. Also on the list of openings are Book Club, Show Dogs and Disobedience. Which movie will receive the most kisses?

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Co-hosting with Phil Hulett today are ABC7 LA Anchorman, Jory Rand and Ducks n Pucks Podcaster, Mike Walters. These stories are in the pile: There’s the Royal Wedding. Do you care? Further to this, how dysfunctional is the family of the bride, anyway? If restaurants banned poorly behaved children, would you be in favor or against visiting for a meal? Then there’s the attorney who could not contain his disdain for people speaking Spanish in America. Are octopuses alien creatures from space? Speaking of space, there’s a giant black hole swallowing up everything in it’s path. What’s indie it? Is there something on the other side? How long before it swallows up our solar system? And finally, there’s the ultimate “walk off” hole in one.

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