Weed Money

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Weed Money

Weed Money

Chris Martin returns to the line-up today. He and Ted “Thrashpie” Prichard learn all about investing in marijuana stocks with the Wolf of Weedstreet. Plus Gina Kloes explains how to have magical moments with loved ones IF you ditch the digital device for a while. Travel Guy Gary Warner takes us up and down the west coast on Highway 1. More stories: Amazon in space! NFL rules TV ratings. American Ninja Warrior. Dr. Oz bows to pressure. Mark Cuban for president? Schwarzenegger takes over “the board room.” Gary Busey DWTS quotes. Kids drunk on hand sanitizer. Women keep clothing they’ll never wear again. How high can a crocodile jump? Ukrainian Woman crushed watermelons with power thighs. And finally, Orange County, CA’s plan to get homeless people to sleep elsewhere.


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