Episode 270 – What Would Buddha Do?

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Buddha Siddhartha


If you ever wondered why Buddha is always depicted as smiling and happy, we now know why. The author of the book, “Unlocking Siddhartha’s Brain” joins us to discuss the Buddha and the scientific importance of meditation. Our Travel Guy explains when you should avoid New Orleans. Manny the Movie Guy reveals his Stagecoach wardrobe and reviews Keanu and Mother’s Day. The author of the book, “Sleeping Your Way to the Top” talks about, well, you have to listen. Danny Lemos co-hosts this episode. You might know him better as “Chuy from La Puente.” Danny and Phil plowed through the following stories: Actress picked to play Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Reboot, Apple employee found dead in conference room, Iron Maiden censored in China, Don’t cuddle your dog, restaurant server tricks for better tips, people pay money to eat the stuff floating in the spa, Most women with cats believe their pet effects their love life, Match Game is back with this host, cheating on people is good for you, church goer shoots and kills a guy in church, cop accidentally shoots podiatrist IN THE FOOT, what would you chop off to keep your Internet connection, retweeting makes you stupid, and finally…the pizza box made out of pizza!


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