Women and Whiskey

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women and whiskey

Women Love Whiskey

On today’s episode we explored the tastes of female whiskey drinkers with the founder of the San Francisco Women of Whiskey Group. Plus Manny the Movie Guy reviews Tomorrowland and Poltergeist. Our tech guy hates Pay Pal and the NSA. Our guest co-host, Ms. California Sande Charles compared hardware with Ms. Senior California, Dr. Gayla Kalp Jackson who dropped by with sash and crown to honor America’s fallen soldiers. We already miss David Letterman, Chris Martin thinks TV’s Bachelorette is a whore, You want to hear Phil Hulett’s comments in response to NHL Commentator Mike Milbury’s shocking statement about permanently injuring Anaheim Ducks star Corey Perry. A teacher is in trouble for doing what teachers did back in the day to keep kids in line. Red Nose Day explained. Bionic Eyes can be yours soon. Bankers who give their wives performance bonuses. And a guy who seeks to draw attention to the plight of an endangered species, by killing one of them.


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