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We’re Sorry, Ladies

There’s a decidedly absent female voice on today’s program. Erin Myers takes a personal day leaving duties to Phil Hulett and Chris Martin who chose to tackle all sorts of female issues. From long-term birth control to equal pay, to the biological clock and who women want to have lunch with, we’re pretty sure Phil and Chris got it all wrong. You decide. Other stories today: Is there going to be a super highway from London to New York? Mountain Dew will kill you! Racist frat boys apologize, but is it enough? Lollapalooza line-up. A stray pit bull nurses a kitten. Scientists carefully “analyze” the 400 most popular online porn videos and come up with 4 earth-shaking takeaways. Manny the Movie Guy issues a warning about this weekend’s box office offerings. Tech Dude, Jeremy Anticouni explains why Facebook wants to launch a drone to 60,000 feet. And finally, why carnies might be the key to happiness.


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