Your Dentist Sucks

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Your Dentist Sucks

Say Ahhh

Clearly yours does. We say this because of the dentist we spoke to on today’s episode. Dr. Zeines not only checks you for cancer, he has a pretty good sense of humor. Plus you’ll hear from Manny the Movie Guy on just how good Johnny Depp is in his new movie. Chris Martin and Ted Prichard join Phil in the studio. Topics: Facebook’s “Dislike” button, CNN GOP Debate ratings, tax-free weed day, Elton John’s Putin Prank, Rainbow Doritos, car dashboards are catching up with your smart phone, judge says “no fat chicks” is a good employer policy. Muslim kid builds digital clock, brings it to school…what could go wrong? Amazing one-handed football player. Is it about time we looked into diplomatic immunity? Alex Trebek saying “Turd Ferguson.” A dating app for people who love bacon. And finally, the stuff women attack their cheating men with.


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