You’re Ugly and So’s Your Grandma

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Don’t be fooled by the title of this episode, there is a legion of beautiful people willing to take you under their wing to hopefully invite you into the “club.”  Plus our travel guy offers trips to save money on holiday travel, and take special note of his advice on whether you should stay at grandmas or get a hotel room. You’ll hear about the lady with three boobs and a doctor who came up with the mathematical formula for the perfect breasts. What does it say about a women if a cereal box is visible in her kitchen? Wait until you hear what they’re cooking and deep frying at the LA County Fair. More food news: the hot dog that writes it’s own jokes. They sold how many iPhones?!? Baywatch bathing suits turn 25 this week. Topeka is prepared for Zombies. What was that enormous animal swimming in the Chicago river? And up his nose it goes…yes, surgery was required.


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