Episode 328 Part 2- Total Eclipse (Follow the Darkness)

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Download this Episode! The Senior Editor of Sky & Telescope goes full geek over the total eclipse of the sun. Krispy Kreme honors the eclipse with a special doughnut. Imagine you’re enjoying a day with your family at a Metallica concert when a guy named Daniel Daddio does THIS! All over your nice leather jacket! Home invaded by housekeepers! Home …

Episode 285 Part 3 – Movie Reviews – War Dogs, Kubo, Ben Hur

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Manny the Movie Guy visits to review Kubo and the Two Strings, Ben Hur, War Dogs, and a small movie that could very well yield an Oscar nomination or two. Plus teens, energy drinks, and alcohol. Phil follows the music trends and finds a debut from an unlikely performer. Check out this episode!

Women be Like, What is this Show?

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There’s a decidedly absent female voice on today’s program. Erin Myers takes a personal day leaving duties to Phil Hulett and Chris Martin who chose to tackle all sorts of female issues. From long-term birth control to equal pay, to the biological clock and who women want to have lunch with, we’re pretty sure Phil and Chris got it all …