Episode 282 – Comic-Con | Mid-Life Entrepreneurs | RNC Trivia

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Comic-Con 2016 Costumes

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Bonus! As we are taking next week off, here’s a rare chance to listen to an entire show in one, 2-hour sitting. This episode features Gonzo GregDale Lopes and Phil Hulett. Cos Play Geek, (or is he a nerd), and host of the podcast, The Retro Convo, Mike Templeton gives you a complete preview of the 47th annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego. William Seagraves, author of the book Be Your Best Boss, gives tips on mid-life entrepreneurship. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the latest Star Trek and Ice Age Movies, but neither flick is his pick of the week. Listen to find out which movie receives 5 kisses from Manny! Travel Guy Gary Warner offers guidance on booking last minute summer trips and saving money. He also offers up some warnings about which places would be a bust this time of year. Horticulture and landscape history expert, Marta McDowell talks about her new book, All the Presidents’ Gardens. Caley Shoemaker is the Head Distiller at Hangar 1 Vodka. She’s the brains behind a small batch of vodka made from real San Francisco fog!
The boys add these stories: RNC tidbits you didn’t know about, Pokemon Go champion, way more pregnant women in the US with Zika than we thought, “Smart stitches,” THC in the water supply, actual walking trees, super drug resistant gonorrhea, how to fall out of love with reading in a hurry, apparently guys DO buy Playboy Magazine for the articles, bizarre health trends musicians are buying into, luggage you can ride or attach to your pants like a tail, the last VCR’s to ever be built, that’ll teach you to steal my creamer in the office fridge, and finally, McDonald’s design-a-burger fail.


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