Episode 291 – Dreadlocks, Wine and the Colonization of Mars

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phaf-cover-art-phil_dreadsEnglish professor and author of the book, “Twisted: My Dreadlock Chronicles,” Bert Ashe responds to a federal court ruling that says an employer can fire you for having dreadlocks. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Deepwater Horizon, Masterminds, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Queen of Katwe. Travel Guy, Gary Warner offers quick, nearby destinations for that last minute trip. NASA Expert and author, Rod Pyle talks about Elon Musk’s lofty plan to transport a million people to Mars by 2025. Winemaker, Bruce Cakebread talks about Napa Valley Wine. Plus Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kelly Bennett join Phil Hulett with these stories: Who are the worst Americans? Should you really get a flu shot? You might as well just keep your phone in your pocket or you’re going to jail. Well Fargo calling. Bacon for vegetarians! Pumpkin-chocolate french fries! The cost of daycare versus a robot nanny. Build a wall! Fun with kidney stones. Extra slutty olive oil. If you don’t vote for Hillary, Madonna will take her clothes off. And finally, a police puppy is trained to sniff out child porn.
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