Episode 317 Hey Mom Go Ducks

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Hockey Mom

Hockey Mom

A packed show in which Phil Hulett handled host and co-host duties. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is convinced everybody lies and he used Google search data to find out who Americans truly are. Dr. Alan Matarasso with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons talks about the remarkable amount of money we spend on procedures and which are the most popular/most dangerous. Nashville Predators Public Address Announcer, Paul McCann┬ápits his goal call against Phil’s Anaheim Ducks goal call. Manny the Movie Guy reviews King Arthur and Snatched. Gary Warner has tips on how to travel the world without leaving the USA. Gear Head Noah Alexander hosts the new Velocity TV show “Speed is the New Black” and visits to talk about custom, fast cars. Thomas Gagliano helps us celebrate mom when she isn’t really worth celebrating.
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