First Blog Entry – Episode 327 Preview

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Hello PHAF folks. I’ve decided to start a blog about the show, and other things.

Before I get to my preview of Episode 327 I want to let you in on a discovery I made today. About a year ago I transferred all of our episodes from one podcast hosting service to another. It was a seamless, quite impressive process. So here I sit a year later, thumbing through digital files and folders, when I realize, HEY, what happened to 2013?  That’s right, the entire first yearof Phil Hulett and Friends was missing from our website and from the podcast hosting service. All the great early shows with Jennifer Bjorklund, Jay Campadonia, Karlo Sy Su, Chris Martin and others, missing! The “Off the Bird” episode, missing! The KFWB shows, missing! Seventy-five-plus shows, missing!

I am working with the podcast hosting service, who I love, by the way, to figure out an elegant solution. In the mean time, I will load a few  old shows at a time for you to hear. Today I uploaded episodes two through five.  Somehow Episode one was already there. Go figure. Anyway, enjoy going back to the old shows. I certainly do.

Now for the preview. I am very excited about this episode for a few reasons. The gals from the K-Lo Sketch Show return to co-host with me. Lauren Howard Hayes and Katie Elsaesser will be in the studio ready to parody everything in the news. Plus, everyone’s favorite heavy metal morning radio shock jock, and premium quality voice over artist, Gonzo Greg Spillane returns to be part of the fun. I hope I Can get a word in edgewise. come to think of it, the studio is going to be packed, so I hope I can find room for Intern Ricky to sit with us. It would be a shame if he had to guard the coffee machine.

Here’s what we have lined up for guests:

Manny the Movie Guy is on his way, if not already landed in Greece. He is one a quest to find Wonder Woman and pledge his allegiance to her Amazonian race. Manny was kind enough to pre-record a conversation with me this week in which he reviews the movies: Detroit, The Dark Tower, and Kidnap. Guess which flick he gives a coveted four kisses to?

Everyone is talking about the big BitCoin event. Don’t ask me what is happening.  I can’t even explain what BitCoin and so-called cryptocurrency is.  I can remember the first time I had a BitCoin expert on the show, you ould buy, uh, whatever it is you get when you buy BitCoin, for pennies on the dollar. Today it’s worth more than $2,000! And it sounds to me like BitCoin has become so valuable, it needs to split into two completely separate currencies, kind of like how stocks split two for one when the price heats up too much. I need somebody to explain this to me, and to you, and as you know, we don’t mess around on Phil Hulett and Friends, so joining us on the show will be Michael Perklin. He’s a board member of The Bitcoin Foundation. He also serves on the board of the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium, and he’s the Chief Information Security Officer of the world’s largest account-less bitcoin exchange, Pretty impressive BitCoin resume. If anyone can explain this stuff to us, this guy can.

We have a return and welcome visit from Mike Podlesny. He’s the host of Average Person Gardening. I want to ask him a bunch of questions about gardening, like how can I help my plants survive the summer heat? How do I snip a branch off of a plant and grow another plant? I think farmer’s call that propagation. I also want to know if there’s a good way to rid the garden soil of disease without digging up all of my plants. Mike has all the answers. He has some topics he wants to bring up as well.

Add to these guests, we might have one more…it’s a surprise if it happens. Wish us luck.

Don’t forget, Greg, Lauren, Katie and I will have plenty of news to bring to you…and we promise, NO POLITICS.

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