Off the Bird (Throwback Episode 17 from Jan. 2014)

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The Dr. Said Do What to the Bird?


Poor, poor, bird. Photo by eddienomore

If this episode doesn’t bring bird people out of the woodwork, we don’t know what will. Phil Hulett reveals something very personal about his past. This prompted Jay Campadonia to suggest, maybe Phil should have kept to himself. But then Jay proclaims “That was the best story ever.”  Sorry bird lovers.

More Stuff

The Femme Fiscale walks us through what to do with your debit cards now that just about every place on the planet makes your personal data vulnerable to attack.  Recreational and Medicinal marijuana is becoming more main stream with states legalizing it’s use, cultivation and sale. But are marijuana-related companies worth investing your hard-earned money into? You’ll hear what a stock expert has to say. Losses for both the Partridge Family and Gilligan’s Island. It’s Chris Martins‘ first full day on the job as sports guy.  Chris gets a lesson in Rocky sequels. Jay gives Phil a birthday gift that is “As Seen on TV.”  Plus what’s better than a loaded gift card good at Del Taco? Jennifer Bjorklund checks in via Skype while standing on an apple crate and wearing a smelly fire suit.




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