Phil Hulett Reveals Painful Medical Secret – Episode 334 Part 1

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Aquagenic Pruritus

Aquagenic Pruritus

After summoning up the courage to speak publicly and openly for the first time about a strange and misunderstood condition called Aquagenic Pruritus, Phil Hulett goes into detail about the painful reaction he and countless others experience when water touches their skin. For now there is no cure and not a lot of consensus on a lasting treatment for Aquagenic Pruritus. , better known as “Dr. Itch” is one of the few doctors in America who is looking into this condition seriously and searching for answers, cures and hope for Phil and his fellow sufferers.

It’s a variety talk show, so there are other topics, including: Hugh Hefner’s estate and who gets a piece of it. The man who fractured his penis but stayed on “the job” for several hours. Elon Musk’s Big Freaking Rocket to Mars and his planned 30 minute flight to anywhere on Earth. FAA bans the flight of drones in 10 specific places. And finally, Manny the Movie Guy reviews “American Made,”Victoria and Abdul,” Flatliners 2017,” and “Battle of the Sexes.”


  • Aquagenic Pruritus at 13:00
  • Movie Reviews: 41:00

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