Episode 291 Part 6 – Napa Valley Wine

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[saf] Bruce Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars talks about what makes Napa Valley, California wines unique and distinct. Plus pumpkin Chocolate French Fries! Naked Madonna. Extra slutty olive oil. Butterfingers proposal. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 291 is sponsored by Aqausana. Check out this episode!

Episode 273 Part 4 – Earpiece Translator / Honey Mead / Mike Trout

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You’ve used that translator app on your phone for ever, right? Now there’s an earpiece which listens to the language the person right in front of you is speaking and translates it seamlessly into your language. Cool, huh? Admit it, you don’t like mead, but you’ll drink it to sound cool, in a medieval way. Is Mike Trout as good …