Episode 332 Part 2 – You Too Can Establish a Floating Country

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You say you are sick and tired of government. Go ahead, start your own country. Joe Quirk is not kidding when he says the next frontier is the blue frontier. He calls it “” and he explains how you can start your own, floating, sovereign country. He’s dead serious, and a lot of what he says makes sense, but Phil …

Episode 306 – Will We Ever Be Color Blind?

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Phil Hulett, Brooke Peterson and author Lupita Samuels have a frank discussion about race, color and self-worth, including the surprising perceptions of skin color by children. Plus Manny the Movie Guy has bad news for weekend moviegoers. Gary Warner offers Spring Training travel ideas for baseball fans. Dr. Don McDonald says to stop your people pleasing. The host of The …

Episode 294 Part 4 – World Series Prediction

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Seth Gruen is the Featured Columnist for The Bleacher Report. He knows his baseball. He’s from Chicago. We’re pretty sure he objective. Listen to his prediction for the World Series. Plus Candy Crush on TV? Extremely expensive potato chips. 5 year old soccer fan apologizes to his favorite team. This bite-sized chunk of episode 294 is sponsored by Team PHAF. …

Episode 291 Part 6 – Napa Valley Wine

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Bruce Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars talks about what makes Napa Valley, California wines unique and distinct. Plus pumpkin Chocolate French Fries! Naked Madonna. Extra slutty olive oil. Butterfingers proposal. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 291 is sponsored by Aqausana. Check out this episode!