Adult Inoculations and Voodoo Doughnuts

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It’s time for your Inoculations!   Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz makes a house call [11:29] to make sure we grown ups know which inoculations we’re supposed to get. Phil Hulett thought he was covered for life when he got shots as a kid. But no! Not only are there new inoculations kids, there are several for adults. Further, there are …

How About Those Pot Stocks?

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The Wolf of Weed Street visits with Phil Hulett to talk about pot stocks in North America and opportunities for you to make a lot of money.

Episode 326 Part 2 – You Can Outrun T-Rex

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[saf] On part 2 of Episode 326, Travel Dude Gary Warner explains how to travel to all points Game of Thrones for very little money. Paleontologist Phil Manning checks in from a not-so-top secret dino dig to explain how science proves T-Rex was the laughing-stock of the Jurassic period. Who knew Mike Templeton was such a dinodweeb? Plus poo for …

Episode 322 Part 2 – CrossFit and Craft Beer

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[saf] Any way you slice it, we are RIPPED! Russ Greene, a spokesman for CrossFit explains how a district court ruling further legitimizes the massive extreme workout company. The co-founder of events production company, Brew Ha Ha talks about the music a craft beer festival, BeerX as well as a music and something else festival, High & Mighty. Strategic Problem …