Episode 322 Part 2 – CrossFit and Craft Beer

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Craft Beer WorkoutAny way you slice it, we are RIPPED! Russ Greene, a spokesman for CrossFit explains how a district court ruling further legitimizes the massive extreme workout company. The co-founder of events production company, Brew Ha Ha talks about the music a craft beer festival, BeerX as well as a music and something else festival, High & Mighty. Strategic Problem Solver, Rashid Brown promotes a mobile work life. Plus these stories: South Korea Fights age discrimination. The first state to go gender neutral on driver licenses. Uber driver should lose his license. Judge sentences 71-year old man who robbed a bank just to get caught and thrown in jail so he can get away from his wife. United Airlines might soon be named after a guy who was attacked by airline employees. Mayweather vs McGregor. Microsoft makes huge, humanitarian, earth-shaking strides with artificial intelligence. Another lady who didn’t know she was pregnant. Bat signals for Adam West. In China the means of production (and it’s competition) is under control as the country’s richest men disappear. And finally, the best possible excuse for getting pulled over while your pants are around your ankles.
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