Episode 322 Part 2 – CrossFit and Craft Beer

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[saf] Any way you slice it, we are RIPPED! Russ Greene, a spokesman for CrossFit explains how a district court ruling further legitimizes the massive extreme workout company. The co-founder of events production company, Brew Ha Ha talks about the music a craft beer festival, BeerX as well as a music and something else festival, High & Mighty. Strategic Problem …

Episode 303 Part 2 – Genetic Weaponization

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[saf] Scientists have figured out how to transform docile lab mice into savage predators. Could human experimentation begin soon? Plus: it’s time to play America’s favorite TV game show “Meth or Kitty Litter?” This bite-sized chunk of episode 303 is sponsored by Constant Contact. Check out this episodeĀ of Phil Hulett and Friends

Super Bowl of Chips

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[saf] We love eating the chips and the dip this weekend when we watch the big game. What are you serving at your Super Bowl party and who’s going to win the game? Chris Martin has the latest odds from humans and robots, plus a bunch of prop bets that have people buzzing and dropping their dollars. Gonzo Greg Spillane …

TV Burger Babe, J-Lo and the Holographic Helmet

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[saf] Everybody is talking about this year’s Carl’s Jr.’s Super Bowl ad and the practically naked babe in it. People are outraged or overjoyed, but it doesn’t matter, the burger chain is getting a ton of free advertising…AGAIN! We spoke with Manny the Movie Guy about the chances Jennifer Lopez’s new movie is worth seeing. Plus Louis Zamperini’s (think Unbroken) …