Top 10 Football Movies of All Time

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Manny the Movie Guy offers up a pre-Super Bowl top 10 list of his all time favorite football movies. He also reviews this weekend’s new movie, “Winchester.”

Episode 300

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[saf] It’s the 300th episode of Phil Hulett and Friends and the PHAF OG’s get together for a reunion. Original friends Jennifer Bjorklund, Jay Campadonia and Karlo Sy Su pay a visit. Plus Long time friend and mostly OG, Chris Martin spends the entire show in the studio for the time in about a half a year. Brooke Peterson fills …

Episode 297 Part 2 – Learn to Fly a Jet

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[saf] Major Ken Benner from the Civil Air Patrol explains how just about anyone at just about any age can enlist in this branch of the Air Force. If you are young enough you can learn how to fly a jet! Plus pot stock update, pro football players want legal marijuana in the NFL. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 297 …

Episode 297 Part 1 – Front Yard Farm

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[saf] Dale Lopes explains how a group in Florida is turning homeowners’ front yards into mini-farms, for free. NFL TV ratings are down. Dale and Phil Hulett have theories as to why. Plus the exact moment when Phil knew who wont he presidential election. Election burritos. If you want to move away, there are countries where you can buy citizenship. …