Top 10 Football Movies of All Time

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Manny the Movie Guy offers up a pre-Super Bowl top 10 list of his all time favorite football movies. He also reviews this weekend’s new movie, “Winchester.”

Episode 290 Part 2 – You Are a Liar

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[saf] Dr. Melinda Paige spoke to us from a convention where smart people discuss why everyone else sucks! Truthfully speaking, the good doctor, who was also the key note speaker at said convention, explained to us why people lie. Plus the “Huh Challenge,” vegetarians have demands for In-n-Out Burger, and 500 million Yahoo users compromised. This bite-sized chunk of Episode …

Kids Love Poop

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[saf] It’s true! Just ask Disney. They are feeding animal poop to children in Orlando! That is just one of the many stories covered in today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Brooke Peterson and Chris Martin co-host with Phil today, and they welcome therapist and founder of CATalyst Refuge, Kevin Rose to talk about simple ways to reduce your stress …

Stress, Money and Sex

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[saf] We’ve pretty much covered the spectrum of subject matter on this show, right? Learn how to turn stress into a good thing with Kelly McGonigal, PhD. Retire rich after following the tips from Thembi Buthelezi, and scientists reach a conclusion on the benefits of more versus less sex. Plus how to know if you are exercising enough or too much. George …