420 Day – National Weed Day

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It’s 420 Day and Dr. Regina Nelson and Michael Browning, co-authors of “Time for the Talk: Talking to Your Doctor or Patient About Medical Cannabis,” talk medicinal benefits of cannabis, the political climate for a national recreational pot law and how they think you should celebrate 420 Day.

Top 10 Football Movies of All Time

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Manny the Movie Guy offers up a pre-Super Bowl top 10 list of his all time favorite football movies. He also reviews this weekend’s new movie, “Winchester.”

Episode 302 Part 2 – Making Your Resolutions Stick

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[saf] Dr. Akram Alashari explains why you fail at New Years Resolutions each year and what you can do to make them stick. Plus, what’s in the package? Alexa fail. The wine and odor repellent shirt. This bite-sized chunk of episode 302 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode!

Episode 296 Part 6 – Argument Against Legalized Marijuana

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[saf] Scott Chipman is the Co-Chair of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana and he offers, you guessed it, the argument against legalizing marijuana. Plus a cat in a tree has the last laugh on the firefighter trying to rescue him. Scientists believe they can make milk chocolate as healthy as dark chocolate. Car chase idiot hits the drive-thru. Creepy giant white …