420 Day – National Weed Day

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420 Day Cannabis

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Celebrate 420 Day

It’s 420 Day people, therefore you must celebrate. Especially relevant, Phil Hulett interviews 2 experts who think you should spark up a fatty to properly usher in 4:20 in your time zone today. [09:37] Dr. Regina Nelson and Michael Browning co-wrote “.” They cover the medicinal benefits of cannabis, the political climate for a national, recreational initiative from Washington DC, and they clear up whether you should use the word “Marijuana” any more. One more tidbit during this conversation revolves around Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

What is Facebook Doing with your Data?

Next up [30:20] is Tedx talker, Dr. Robin Burk with some straight talk about your Facebook data collection and what steps you need to take to fly a little lower than the radar. But, is the cat out of the bag? After years of freely giving your personal data to Mark Zuckerberg and others, can you return to a reasonable level of anonymity?

More Stuff!

Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sue Peters join Phil Hulett with a stack of fun and informative stories. Try these on for size: Waffles and beer. New research concludes one glass of wine a day will impact your life expectancy. Insult your friends with new Alexa feature. FREAK ALERT! [50:17] Kellie Sue explains, and acts out, something called ASMR, Autonomous sensory meridian response, and how listening to a certain type of voice delivery can actually bring a person to orgasm without ever being touched.Plus, we help you beat digital eye strain. Here’s a question for you, which out-of-your-comfort-zone karaoke song would you sing if you had enough to drink? Find out which songs at Kellie Sue, Gonzo and Phil admit to. And finally, the poop train update.

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