420 Day – National Weed Day

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It’s 420 Day and Dr. Regina Nelson and Michael Browning, co-authors of “Time for the Talk: Talking to Your Doctor or Patient About Medical Cannabis,” talk medicinal benefits of cannabis, the political climate for a national recreational pot law and how they think you should celebrate 420 Day.

Episode 319 Part 2 – The Future Scares Us

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[saf] Why is the Executive Producer of Nat Geo’s 6-part future tech documentary, “Year Million” frightened by the future? Plus, travel dude Gary Warner gives perspective on how we should really celebrate Memorial Day and offers tips on the summer travel season. Phil Hulett and co-hosts Kelly Bennett, Lauren Howard-Hayes and Katie Elsaesser offer these stories: Abdominal cavity hand-warmer. Blood-red beach. …

Episode 284 Part 4 – I am Moving to Canada

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If my candidate doesn’t win, I’m moving to Canada! Really? You said that? We talk with a former Canadian who wrote a book about life in the Great White North to find out what it’s really like. Plus Malia Obama on Pot, Her Dad’s sexy summer playlist, and a kid who uses his smart who uses his smart watch to escape from …

Episode 279 Part 2 – Sexy Wedding Dresses

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[saf] Fashion designer, Rani St. Pucchi, famous for designing the wedding dress for the character, “Phoebe” on the hit TV show “Friends,”  explains everything there is to know about wedding dresses, color, material, and cost, which blew Phil Hulett‘s socks off. But the big trend, according to St. Pucchi is sexy. She says “Nude is the new white.” That should work real …