Preview of Episode 329

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Preview time! But, before I get into the preview of episode 329, I want to update you on my recovery from hernia surgery. I know, it’s not like I had an organ removed or anything, but still, I’ve got to be ready for the end of September when my first-born gets married. Yup, two weddings in one year. Olivia in March …

Episode 319 Part 2 – The Future Scares Us

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[saf] Why is the Executive Producer of Nat Geo’s 6-part future tech documentary, “Year Million” frightened by the future? Plus, travel dude Gary Warner gives perspective on how we should really celebrate Memorial Day and offers tips on the summer travel season. Phil Hulett and co-hosts Kelly Bennett, Lauren Howard-Hayes and Katie Elsaesser offer these stories: Abdominal cavity hand-warmer. Blood-red beach. …

Episode 304 Part 1 – Giant Asteroid

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[saf] NASA confirms a giant asteroid is headed our way. Some people say it’s going to collide with Earth. That’s OK, the military now have super laser beams. Is the human race dooming itself anyway? People are now preserving dead skin tattoos from their dearly departed. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 304 is sponsored by Carbonite. Check out this episode!

Episode 304 – We Are Doomed

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[saf] You thought this was a show about President Trump, didn’t you? Wrong! Today we discuss things that could kill you, otherwise ruin your life, or prove the human race is over. That’s right, it’s pure comedy gold! Dr. Ankit Mahadevia describes the global threat posed by increasing antibiotic resistant “super bugs.” Abby Eisenkraft gives you tax tips that will …